• Say Hello to the Clowndoctors!

    Say Hello to the Clowndoctors!

    Launched in 1999, The Clowndoctors programme uses the performing arts to improve the quality of life for children and young people in hospital, hospice, residential and special care in Scotland.

  • Welcome the Elderflowers.

    Welcome the Elderflowers.

    Launched in 2001, The Elderflowers programme uses the performing arts to improve the quality of life for elderly people with dementia and their families in hospital care in Scotland.

  • Adopt a clowndoctor

    Adopt a clowndoctor

    Choose your Clowndoctor

Welcome to Hearts & Minds

Hello, welcome to Hearts & Minds.  We are a Scottish arts-in-health charity whose aim is to improve the experience of people in hospital and in hospice, residential and respite care by using the performing arts to encourage communication, interaction and laughter.

We achieve our aim through two specialist creative programmes; The Clowndoctors, who work specifically with children, and The Elderflowers, who work with ladies and gentlemen living with dementia.

We raise smiles all across Scotland, from Inverness down to the Borders.

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In 2015 we launched our new campaign; Adopt A Clowndoctor – where you can help us raise the funds to deliver smiles and laughter to children who need them most. Watch the below to find out more and visit www.heartsminds.org.uk/adoptaclowndoctor

“It’s so nice to see a reaction.”

Student nurse
Student nurse

“It definitely does him good. Brightens up the day.”

Wife of elderflowers participant
Wife of elderflowers participant

“You are just what we need.”

Dad, in hospital with his son.
Dad, in hospital with his son.

“You do a world of good.”


“How you play with their imagination is brilliant.”

Staff Nurse
Staff Nurse

“Thanks very much hen for bringing me to life.”

Elderflowers participant
Elderflowers participant

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