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About Hearts & Minds

Hearts & Minds is a unique arts-in-health charity working across Scotland. The company was founded in 1997 and is a world leader in hospital clowning organisations.

At Hearts & Minds, we aim to produce high-quality, participatory creative experiences and interactions that help improve lives for children and young people in hospital care and special schools and people living with dementia in hospital, hospice, residential and respite care in Scotland.

We achieve our aim through two specialist arts-in-health programmes; Clowndoctors who work with children and young people in hospitals, hospices and special schools and Elderflowers who work with ladies and gentlemen who are living with dementia in a care setting.

Our practitioners are specially trained arts practitioners who use their artistic skills and techniques in hospital clowning to engage the imagination of our participants. This is done through working closely with healthcare staff to deliver individually tailored therapeutic artistic interventions, improving the hospital experience and encouraging communication, interaction and laughter.

We run open and inclusive programmes, meaning that we do not focus specifically on one illness or disability, and work with people of varying ages and social backgrounds.

Hearts & Minds is one of eight founding organisations of the European Federation of Healthcare Clown Organizations (EFHCO) and has helped develop and establish the EFHCO Quality Label to promote the highest standard for healthcare clown organisations and their practitioners.

"Exchanging experiences on Hospital Clowning is very meaningful to Hearts & Minds as a member, not only on artistic matters but also on management and fundraising. Although each organization faces different challenges, talking with each other and exchanging views gives inspiration, new ideas and support."

Magdalena Schamberger

EFHCO approved organization

We are the only organisation delivering work of this kind across Scotland.
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