Hearts & Minds often recruit new practitioners and team members and also promote training and funding opportunities.

We currently do not have any vacancies

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Hearts & Minds training recommendations for performers interested in hospital clowning.

Jaques Lecoq school, Paris - http://www.ecole-jacqueslecoq.com/en

Philippe Gaulier, Paris and international - http://www.ecolephilippegaulier.com/

John Wright, England - http://www.thewrightschool.co.uk/The_Wright_School/home.html

Pierre Byland, Switzerland, summer school - http://burlesk-center.ch/page38/page21/page21.html

Angela de Castro, London - https://thewhynotinstitute.com/

Tim Licata, Edinburgh http://plutotlavie.org.uk/education/

Mick Barnfather, London - https://www.mickbarnfather.com/

Andre Riot Sarcey, France - http://www.lesnouveauxnez.com/informations/membres/andre

Ami Hattab, Paris and international - https://amiworkshop.weebly.com/

Spymonkey (Aitor Basauri, Toby Park), London and international - https://www.spymonkey.co.uk/clown-masterclass.html

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