Behind the Nose at Surgeon’s Hall Museum

Magdalena Schamberger gave an enlightening and inspirational talk last night on the work of Hearts & Minds and the stories behind the red nose at Surgeon’s Hall Museum.

She told the audience how Hearts & Minds came about and how The Clowndoctors started and the impact they have on the lives of the children and families that they meet. She talked about hospital clowning and how ‘the red nose is the smallest mask’.

After showing photographs and films of the the Clowndoctors and Elderflowers in action there was an interruption as Skip & Bonnie Elderflower burst into the room hoping for an audition for the next Elderflower film. After their shenanigans with the audience and a ‘tuneful’ rendition of Blue Moon it was a case of  ‘we’ll call you’ from Magdalena! The audience gave them 10 out of 10!

The audience had lots of interesting questions for Magdalena, Skip (Tim Licata) and Bonnie (Suzanna Ferguson) after taking part in a hilarious mental exercise where everyone failed in hoots of laughter!

Thanks to Surgeon’s Hall Museum for inviting us to be part of their events programme and for hosting the evening.