Clowndoctors in the Classroom

Clowndoctors in the Classroom

Within Special Branch, we have an educational programme called Clowndoctors in the Classroom where our Clowndoctors visit children with complex needs in special education schools.

This programme works on a referral basis and allows us to assist teaching staff with achieving educational outcomes for individual children within the Curriculum for Excellence.

The Clowndoctors’ interactions with the children actually facilitate the learning that takes place in the classroom; when the children are relaxed and happy (and having fun!), they can learn more easily than if they are uptight or uncomfortable. We assist the teaching staff with various elements of the Curriculum for Excellence:

  • Literacy & Language
  • Numeracy
  • Dance & Movement
  • Music & Expressive Arts
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Drama & Role Play

Having an understanding of the educational goals for each child enables the Clowndoctors to utilise their improvisational skills to maximum effect. Tailoring the activities to suit the individual, we focus on reaching the child beyond their medical condition or disability.

We take a long-term view in our innovative approach and so we deliver our programme over the course of the school year, building enduring relationships with individual children that helps to empower them to reach their full potential.

We currently visit 5 schools:

Mavisbank (Airdrie)
Beatlie (Livingston)
Oaklands (Edinburgh)
Royal Blind School (Edinburgh)
Camphill (Aberdeen)

Watch our short film about the work of our Clowndoctors in the Classroom programme at the Royal Blind School, Edinburgh.