Meet the Clowndoctors

Our Clowndoctors are carefully selected professional arts practitioners who are specially trained to work in a healthcare environment with vulnerable people. They use many techniques including improvisation, music and rhythm, song, dance, magic, puppetry, games and storytelling to engage with each child.

The Clowndoctors are not scary clowns! There is no intimidating make-up, crazy wigs or big feet. They wear a bright yellow doctor’s coat and a red nose. Using gentle, character clowning, they create clown characters who are naïve and optimistic, who find hope in every situation and excitement in the smallest things.

Our Clowndoctors also wear a red nose – as an internationally recognised symbol of fun, it is an immediate invitation to play!

Meet the Clowndoctors below and if you would like to know more about their Clowndoctor character and adopt one to support the Clowndoctor Programme go to