Classroom visits

We’ve taken the benefits of therapeutic clowning into the classroom too and, through referrals, engage with children attending schools for learners with complex additional support needs. It allows us to help individual children – and staff – to achieve educational outcomes within the Curriculum for Excellence by addressing:

  • literacy & language
  • numeracy
  • dance & movement
  • music & expressive arts
  • health & wellbeing
  • drama & role playing

Understanding the educational goals for each child allows our Clowndoctors to utilise their improvisational skills to maximum effect as we tailor activities to suit individual needs and focus on reaching the child behind the condition or set of behaviours. Our work in the classroom is delivered over the course of the school year, allowing Clowndoctors to build lasting relationships with each child, empowering them to reach their full potential.

We visit

  • Mavisbank School (Airdrie)
  • Beatlie School (Livingston)
  • Oaklands School(Edinburgh)
  • Royal Blind School (Edinburgh)
  • Camphill (Aberdeen)
"I usually only see him that relaxed when he is on his own. It was lovely to see him like that while he was also engaging with you."

Teacher of 9 year old boy with Special Needs