Dr Maybee & Dr Wallop share a Magical Moment from a recent visit

Panda…monium at Crosshouse Hospital

On a recent visit to Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock we saw a 6 year old girl, curled up on her bed, curtain pulled slightly across and Mum sitting at her bedside.

We positioned ourselves so the girl could see us, and we started with a game between ourselves. Dr Maybee showed Dr Wallop around the bed bay, and explained to Wallop that, no, the doll wasn’t a real baby. Dr Wallop was amazed, and started having fun making the doll do things that baby’s can’t – walking on a tightwire, doing backflips etc. We could see that the girl was watching, still very shy, but smiling.

Dr Maybee noticed she was cuddling a Panda, and warned Wallop, ‘this might not be a real baby, but I am pretty sure there is a real Panda over there!’. Great! Exclaims Dr Wallop, ‘I speak Panda!’ and she immediately mistakes the Mum for the Panda. The girl giggles, and so does the Mum. Good! Permission to continue!

‘No Wallop…the REAL Panda is NEXT to that Panda’, and Wallop approaches a box of pens….giggles again…’No Wallop! The REAL Panda is BETWEEN that Panda and the other Panda!’ and then, from the girl, ‘it’s not a real Panda, it’s a pretend Panda, just for cuddling’.

At that point, a Nurse arrives with medicine in a syringe. Dr Wallop has her own oral syringe so gave Dr Maybee medicine too, YUK and she stuck her tongue out, the girl giggled some more and said her medicine was disgusting too. Wallop made the syringe ‘pop!’ and Dr Maybee’s tongue went back in. She did it again, and Dr Maybee’s hand flew into the air. Now the girl is sitting up in bed, laughing, saying ‘Again!!’ as Dr Maybee’s limbs fly in all directions with each pop. The last pop is done by the girl, and Dr Maybee lands in a Kung-fu position…’Kung-Fu Panda!’ says the girl laughing, as we wave goodbye, and Dr Maybee Kung-Fu’s her way out of the ward.

Dr Maybee & Dr Wallop

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Image: Kelman Greig-Kicks/Neoneight Ltd