Our Elderflowers are expertly trained, professional practitioners who work with older people living with dementia in hospitals, hospices and residential care homes. These are ladies and gentlemen with full and rich lives behind them who now often feel isolated, confused and frightened, and struggle with the complexities of the present day.

We visit ladies and gentlemen who are living with:

  • Advanced dementia
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Vascular dementia
  • Pick’s Disease
  • Huntington’s Disease

Elderflowers help people living with dementia to:

  • counteract feelings of frustration, isolation and boredom
  • improve their social and personal interactions
  • address sensory decline and difficulties with self-expression
  • cope with confusion and depression

One big happy family

Our Elderflowers present themselves as a family – brothers and sisters and cousins – and are trained to pick up on the interests and mood of each individual they visit, allowing their personality and humour to emerge through creative, physical and mental stimulation. From playful banter to storytelling, music and even dance, our Elderflowers make the most valuable, personal connections to create magical moments of wellbeing and great joy.

Working in partnership

We work in close partnership with the medical teams who care for people living with dementia. Their referrals mean that we create interventions which are specifically tailored to suit the ladies and gentlemen who will benefit most from our support, based on their personality, condition and situation.

Delivering smiles and magical moments

The Elderflowers Programme is inclusive and immersive. It provides a valuable outlet for each individual’s personality and humour to shine through by offering creative, mental and physical stimulation through music, conversation and stories. Our Elderflowers pick up on the interests and mood of each lady and gentlemen and respond accordingly.

We visit:

  • Borders General Hospital
  • Clackmannan Community Healthcare Centre
  • Findlay House, Eastern General Hospital, Edinburgh
  • Murray Royal Hospital, Perth
  • Royal Edinburgh Hospital
  • Stirling Community Hospital
"One of our nurses had observed an increase in wellbeing for hours after your visits."

Senior Charge Nurse, Crieff