Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is for therapeutic clowning to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals, touching their hearts and minds with kindness and joy when they need it most.

Our mission is to improve lives, one smile at a time, by delivering and embedding the professional practice of therapeutic clowning in Scotland’s healthcare provision, and promoting its benefits. We will achieve this by:

Our values, in everything we do, are:

Collaboration - we work in partnership with the professionals who look after young people and older people living with dementia.

Inspiration - We use therapeutic clowning to inspire and motivate young and elderly people to cope with the challenges of their situation.

Artistic Integrity - Our Clowndoctors & Elderflowers receive frequent artistic supervision and specialist training to ensure that we constantly deliver high quality service.

Kindness - We see the person behind the illness and create personally tailored interactions, delivered with warmth and kindness.

Empathy - We understand the challenges faced by vulnerable people, their friends, families and carers and work with them to help lighten their load.

Playfulness - we believe that laughter is nature's best medicine and strive to bring moments of joy to tired or unhappy hearts and minds.