Our philosophy is to always look beyond the illness and ability of the child, young person or lady or gent living with dementia to their individual psychological and emotional needs, and help them to overcome a wide range of challenges.

Our Clowndoctors and Elderflowers form a team of carefully chosen, professional practitioners who have received specialist training. We use character-based theatre clowning and humour to provide sensitive, safe and individually tailored interactions for our participants.

Hospital clowning is very well established in Europe and a highly regarded form of arts-in-health therapy. Hearts & Minds is a founding member of the European Federation of Hospital Clowning Organisations; we are the only organisation in Scotland doing this kind of work and one of only a handful of organisations in the UK.

Since our first programme started in 1999, we have provided more than 220,000 individual interactions with people affected by ill health, establishing ourselves as a charity with a solid reputation for artistic quality, reliability, integrity, transparency and commitment.

We currently visit 23 schools, hospitals, hospices and residential care homes across Scotland from the Borders to Inverness.

Every interaction is designed around the individual. The impact we have is measurable. Because laughter and smiles work!