Your feedback

The impact we have on people’s lives is recognised by staff, parents and the practitioners. We really appreciate the feedback we receive.

Here are the results of what the staff have told us:

100% - Clowndoctors bring smiles and laughter to the children they visit

87% - Clowndoctors visits increase the confidence of the child/children they visit

92% - Clowndoctors visits can help with physical relaxation of children

95% - Clowndoctors visits help increase the child’s communication (verbal or non-verbal)

72% - Elderflowers help people with advanced dementia experience joy

55% - Elderflowers help people with advanced dementia communicate their experiences, needs and preferences

72% - Elderflowers help stimulate the senses of people with dementia

62% - Elderflowers help stimulate thinking in people with advanced dementia

Dr Wallop

Ever wondered what it is like to be a Clowndoctor?
Dr Wallop (Diane Thornton) told us of the rewards of doing this remarkable job.
My Life as a Clowndoctor


What does it feel like to start work as an Elderflower?
Dippsy Elderflower (Sheila McDougall) explains the feelings and experiences she had as she started as Dippsy.
Evolution of an Elderflower

We enjoy getting lovely comments from parents, families and staff - here is a small selection:

"You've really had a positive effect for him while you've been here and you always seem to have great timing when you arrive - for example, one time he was really upset and crying as he had just had his dressings removed and your 2 faces appeared and tapped on the window and he broke into a smile"

Mum of 5 yr old boy at Glasgow Royal Children’s Hospital

"He's very excited to see the Clowndoctors. He has a smile for you, but not the other Doctors!"

Mum of child in the Sick Kids Hospital, Edinburgh

"Thanks for cheering him up, he's not long in. It was good for his mum to see him like that"

Play Staff Specialist at Ninewells

"The work is really great, I love watching you guys, you just open a whole new world for them"

Music Teacher, Royal Blind School, Edinburgh

"It was so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye the last time. He loves it!"

Nurse, Robin House, Balloch

"She hasn't told anyone in here the name of her penguin toy before!"

Mum of child in Sick Kids Hospital, Edinburgh

"Our wee boy was a little scared at first, but now he loves you, dances and moves when you play music"

Mum & Gran of 1 yr old boy in Glasgow Royal Children’s Hospital

"That was really brilliant with that lady, she is in such a good mood now. She never reacts like that"

Staff Nurse, Findlay House, Edinburgh

"That's the first time we've seen her respond to anything"

Staff member, Canaan Ward, Royal Edinburgh Hospital

"You don't realise what you do for us, for people - you make a real difference, turn us back to ourselves, so important. I'll cry when you go!"

Lady (70s), who was in her bed for a week but got up to be with the Elderflowers at Findlay House, Edinburgh

"What you do is as necessary as medication"

Relative of a patient at Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline

"I haven't laughed this much for ages"

Gentleman, 84, Murray Royal Hospital, Perth

"I'll be thinking of you both when I'm in my bed this evening - you've really entertained me"

Lady, 80s, Clackmannan Community Healthcare Centre

"It's so lovely to see her sing, it's really good for her"

Doctor, Cauldshiels, Borders

"You do amazing work, you really bring out the best in people. We are so privileged to have you here"

Wife of gentleman, New Craigs Hospital, Inverness