Read a Magical Moment of a recent visit by Dr Cous Cous & Dr Maybee

Read this wonderful Magical Moment of a recent visit by Dr Cous Cous and Dr Maybee to one of the children’s hospital wards we visit.

“We were told that the 5 year old boy with chicken pox in an isolation room was feeling poorly and the spots all over his face confirmed that this was probably true.  At first he didn’t notice Drs. Maybee and Cous Cous at the window of his cubicle.

We stood patiently at the window for a moment until the boy’s mother informed him of the two brightly-clothed clowns peering in at the window. That moment of eye contact is always a special one with an unknown outcome.

As he looked and watched us he seemed a little intrigued by our presence.

From that initial moment of attention a whole world can open and anything is possible. He continued to look towards us to see what we were going to do. Dr. Maybee took the initiative and pretended a sneeze was coming on taking all of our attention; the sneeze passed but then suddenly the fake sneeze did happen blowing itself right into Cous Cous’ face!

Cous Cous stood for a second with his eyes closed then opened them slowly with a face of mock disgust and a quick glance to gauge the effect that this had had on our young audience of one. A smile. He liked it. Sneezes are strangely amusing things.  Dr Maybee looked guilty and secretly pleased while Dr Cous Cous looked grossed-out and proceeded to wipe his face whilst looking disapprovingly at Dr Maybee.  Dr Maybee then grabbed a blue medical glove from a nearby wall-mounted dispenser and blew into it. Dr Cous Cous and the boy watched to see what she was going to do with this strange hand-shaped balloon. Then suddenly Dr Maybee sneezed again – right into Dr Cous Cous’ face for a second time!

A loud laugh this time rang out from behind the door – we’d found the game.

This simple repetition happened a few more times then Dr Maybee felt a little guilty and taking the blue-glove balloon she’d made she used it like a cloth to wipe Dr Cous Cous’ face – and as the rubber-glove bounced all over his face and head to much fake disgust from Dr Cous Cous and much delight from the boy behind the glass as his  laughs were getting louder and louder attracting the attention of nurses in the corridor and from a doctor in the next cubicle along who suddenly emerged to see what was going on and then gave us a knowing smile.

We brought things to a close as the laughter was at its height, and, waving our goodbyes, we departed with Dr Maybee grinning proudly, Dr Cous Cous looking vaguely annoyed and big smiles and waves from the boy in the cubicle.”

We know laughter and smiles are the best medicine. 

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Image: Dr Zap visits a young patient in isolation in Edinburgh Sick Kid’s Hospital