Thank you to The Mickel Fund

We were excited to receive more good news this week regarding ongoing funding for Hearts & Minds.

The Mickel Fund have generously agreed to give us ongoing funding for our Elderflower Programme and this will support the facilitation of our visits to ladies and gentlemen living with dementia across Scotland.

Pip Quinn, Fundraising Officer for Hearts & Minds said: “Hearts & Minds would like to thank the Mickel Fund for their generous donation and on-going support of our Elderflowers Programme. We endeavour to improve the lives and reduce the inequality and isolation that many ladies and gents with dementia experience. This grant will be used to transform lives of participants and families bringing connection and joy through the performing arts. We sincerely appreciate the long standing commitment and kindness of the Mickel Fund.”

Our Elderflowers are specially trained professional performers who use structured programmes to improve the wellbeing of people living with dementia. They often send us highlights or ‘Magical Moments‘ after their visits and we like to share these with you.

Please read about a recent highlight from Dippsy & Buddy Elderflower after visiting Clackmannan Community Healthcare Centre:

“Today we had a lovely visit with a gentleman in his room which was simply delightful. He was absolutely charming & very playfully danced with Dippsy as Buddy sang ‘Magic Moments’. He was giving big broad smiles and mirroring Dippsy moves – it was lovely to see him engaged so fully.”

There are many ways you can support the work of Hearts & Minds & help us improve lives one smile at a time.