A family get-together for Doris

In her 70s, and in the early stages of dementia, Doris gets confused and angry and is particularly fixated on going home to see her family. Concerned about her low mood and tendency to isolate herself, care staff referred this vulnerable lady to Hearts & Minds.

Buddy and Dotty Elderflower regularly visit her care home and when they paid Doris a special visit, she beamed in delight, reached out her arms and exclaimed “Oh you’re back! It’s so wonderful to see such warm friendly faces!” Doris talked about wanting to see her family and then laughed as Buddy and Dotty shared their difficulties in getting the whole Elderflower family portrait and Doris giggled at their family stories. When it was time for the Elderflowers to leave, this much happier lady decided she’d like to join the other ladies and gentlemen on the ward and take part in singing with them.

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