Bonnie Elderflower

A smile is a great reward

Our Elderflowers, Bonnie and Lily, visited a lady over a long period of time on Canaan Ward at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. They would see her over the whole time of a visit to the ward as she often needed a little time to want to join in. She was often teary and nervous. The Elderflowers would sit a few seats away from her and play some music or look at objects in their bag. They would gradually engage and she loved helping to arrange their bag or sing along. Once she got confident she would walk with them and stay with them through other visits. She needed lots of physical touch and reassurance but then would reward the Elderflowers with a beautiful smile and laugh.

When she left the ward the Occupational Therapist at the hospital enquired about the possibility of visiting her at home as she felt the Elderflowers were the one thing that this lady really responded to and enjoyed.