Clarinets, maracas and music.

On a recent visit to Royal Edinburgh Hospital our Elderflowers saw a gentleman who is usually quite quiet. Here’s their story:

“The gentleman knows us and will smile if we greet him as he passes but he does not usually engage for longer. When Lily was playing the clarinet at one end of the lounge he came and sat at the other end and was watching. Dippsy had picked up a maraca and was shaking it. She also picked up a christmassy bell shaker and brought it over with her as we approached him.

He was fixed on the clarinet and so Lily played for him and he appeared to really enjoy the music. Dippsy handed him the shaker and after a while he joined in. Then we left pauses to allow him to initiate a rhythm and the three of us engaged with the music for a substantial time.

This was the most engagement we have had with this particular gentleman in several months. When we felt it was time to move on he was holding on to the shaker quite firmly so when we saw a nurse we let her know that he still had it. She went over to him saw he was still sitting holding it and smiling. The nurse lightly held her hand over his and they both played the shaker together and he smiled at her so warmly and she smiled back and they both laughed.”

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