Professional Arts Practitioners

Our Clowndoctors are carefully selected professional arts practitioners who are trained to work with vulnerable people. They use many techniques including improvisation, music and rhythm, song, dance, magic, puppetry, games and storytelling to engage with each child.

The Clowndoctors are not scary clowns

There is no intimidating make-up, crazy wigs or big feet. They wear a bright yellow coat and a red nose. Using gentle, character clowning, they create clown characters who are naive and optimistic, who find hope in every situation and excitement in the smallest things.

Experts in engagement

We use therapeutic clowning to make genuine connections with every child we interact with, engaging the young person behind their difficult circumstance and giving them the confidence to smile and laugh again when they need it most.

Involving the whole family

By relieving the fear or anxiety experienced by children and young people, we make their parents’ and families’ experiences less stressful too. Whenever appropriate, we involve mums and dads, brothers and sisters, and other visitors in our sessions so that it becomes a shared experience.

"That's the biggest smile he's had all week and you've cheered up the parents too"

Mum of boy, Edinburgh Children's Hospital

"He said that he was too old for clowns but that was the first time he's smiled in 2 weeks."

Mother of 8 year old boy

"She's been in pain for so long it's so nice to see her smile again"

Mother of 10 yr old girl