In Hospitals

Our Clowndoctors in the hospital programme focusses on both long and short stay patients and our practitioners have specialist training to work with young people who have physical and/or learning disabilities, who have life-limiting conditions and/or who present behavioural challenges.

Our visits in hospitals are based on staff referrals. We work in close collaboration with staff on the ward. Information regarding each young person’s condition, and their likes and dislikes, helps us to deliver the best possible interventions. This information allows us to tailor our interactions appropriately. Each intervention is ‘made to measure’ and improvised. Empathy, authenticity and playfulness sit at the heart of our approach and while interventions might involve music, singing, magic, puppetry, slapstick or imaginative play, we always put the child’s needs first. When infection control requires it, we can visit children through the window!

Clowndoctors help children and young people to:

  • overcome feelings of powerlessness, anxiety, isolation and boredom
  • improve their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • tackle communication, social and physical challenges
  • cope with painful, distressing or confusing treatments and procedures
'That was excellent timing! We just had to take lots of blood, and I think she might have forgiven us thanks to you!

Hematologist, Glasgow Royal Children's Hospital