In Respite Care

Our Clowndoctors in Respite Care programme focuses on children in hospices and respite centres with complex additional needs, including life-limiting and neurological conditions, children on the autistic spectrum and children in palliative care.

Our visits are based on staff referral and may focus on a particular issue or a broader developmental goal. We visit many children over extended periods of time (sometimes for years) and the benefits of our visits include:

  • giving access to performing arts and musical activities
  • providing an outlet for creativity and expression
  • allowing children to feel empowered and in control
  • overcome feelings of anxiety, isolation and boredom
  • improve self-esteem and self confidence

CHAS hospices are places of light Colin Moncrieff aka Dr Cous Cous shares his experiences of being a Clowndoctor at Robin House, one of Children's Hospices Across Scotland locations

"We'll you've made her smile which we've not seen since we've been in here"


"Thank goodness you came, he’s been so noisy and distressed all day, it’s like a car alarm has stopped, we’re glad for him he’s settled and for us all."


We visit:

  • Barnardo's Caern Project (Edinburgh)
  • Calareidh Respite Unit (Edinburgh)
  • Rachel House – CHAS (Kinross)
  • Robin House – CHAS (Balloch)
  • Sunndach Respite Unit (Livingston)