Dancing lessons for Dr Cous Cous & Dr Doodle at Robin House

Last week Dr Cous Cous & Dr Doodle visited Children’s Hospices Across Scotland Robin House in Kinross on one of our regular visits.

It would appear that they had a very busy day and engaged with young people of all ages! We were sent this lovely story of their visit by Alison, the Activities Co-ordinator and a fab photo of Cous Cous & Doodle being given lessons in how to be a cheerleader!

On Wednesday the Clowndoctors saw 5 young people aged from 10 months to 19 years old as is quite often the way here at Robin House, plus their siblings. The age range is just so varied. They saw our youngest a baby who has just returned from a few days in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and were singing beautiful gentle songs to her, she was so engaged and cooing along with Doodle and Cous Cous that the Nurse looking after her ran to me to video it for the parents, the Drs then went to the “dance show” in the lounge where Hollie was showing staff her dancing skills, again Cous Cous and Doodle got involved before she then taught them how to be cheer leaders! Then they went back to visit our baby at the parents request so they could see her responses for themselves. It was just amazing and shows just how diverse they are and how well they can adapt and read exactly the needs of the the person they are with! We are very grateful for what they do for our children and young people on a weekly basis.”

The Clowndoctors visit Robin House and Rachel House for Children’s Hospices Across Scotland – read more about our work there.