Laughter is the best medicine.

Dr Mousse sent us this wonderful story about a boy aged four at the Sick Kids who was in Ward 7 then Ward 2 who has been undergoing treatment for a brain tumour.

We started to see this boy on Ward 7 when he was recovering from his operation. He had very little response but could follow with his eyes and move his hands a little. Dr Beatz and I visited him in the playroom. He was sitting in a chair and we started a very gentle game of a scarf flying around his chair like a bird in the sky. It began to make noises when it landed on us or sometimes on his feet. He followed this with his eyes. Then we started to make louder and sillier sounds when it landed and when it landed on Dr Beatz’s head and made a really silly sound the boy smiled. We kept it very gentle and his Mum was clearly moved by his response to the game.

The next time we saw him he had moved to Ward 2 and his Mum told us he was starting to say words now. Dr Zap and I saw him sitting in the playroom and we started with a gentle game of trying to get in the door. He was laughing straight away and trying to tell us how to get in the playroom. We built the game up so that he could tell us which way to go. He really enjoyed being in charge and laughed a lot. That was good to hear.

The last time we saw him he was sitting down at the end of the ward, busy with drawing but he saw us and waved and when we went the wrong way and bumped into the wall he had the biggest laugh.

Our visits with this little boy show how you can build up your relationship with a child and change the visits as the child recovers. They are so rewarding for everyone.