Fiona Ferrier aka Dr Spritely on why she loves visiting Rachel House & Robin House


Fiona Ferrier is one of our Senior Practitioners and she regularly visits two of the Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) locations – Rachel House and Robin House. Here she shares why she finds these visits rewarding and uplifting.

‘I love being a clowndoctor that visits Rachel House and Robin House. Yes, it’s not always easy, yes, there is sadness, but there is also fun and living life in these houses. As a clowndoctor I feel we can visit children and bring empowerment, silliness, engagement and laughter.

I love to visit the children and young people and find them behind the illnesses and their medical needs, to find their essence and explore with them what tickles them, what relaxes them or what makes them laugh. Some of the children have very complex needs and I feel greatly privileged to do this work and see a twinkle in their eye when we find their funny bone.

I feel in awe of these children and their lives and when we find nonsense together I hope that they can forget everything that is complicated and just be a child, with us.’

Fiona Ferrier ( Dr Spritely)

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