In Dementia Units

Our Elderflowers visit people living with dementia in hospitals, hospices and residential care homes. These are ladies and gentlemen with full and rich lives behind them who now often feel isolated confused and frightened, and struggle with the complexities of the present day.

Elderflowers help people living with dementia to:

  • improve emotional regulation
  • counteract feelings of frustration, isolation and boredom
  • improve their social and personal interactions
  • reduce sedentary behaviours
  • address sensory decline
  • enhance agency and self-efficacy
A 'made to measure' approach

Each intervention is 'made to measure' and improvised. Empathy, authenticity and playfulness sit at the heart of our approach and while interventions might involve music, singing, magic, mime or gentle slapstick, we always put the individual's needs first.

We visit:

  • Borders General Hospital
  • Clackmannan Community Healthcare Centre
  • Findlay House, Eastern General Hospital, Edinburgh
  • Murray Royal Hospital, Perth
  • Royal Edinburgh Hospital
  • Stirling Community Hospital
"I hope you make everyone as happy as you made me today. You are wonderful!"

Gentleman in his 80s, Royal Edinburgh Hospital