Making a bigger impact

Hearts & Minds help vulnerable people living with dementia overcome feelings of powerlessness, anxiety and isolation through the art of therapeutic clowning

This impact is recognised by all of our stakeholders.

Here's what the staff have told us:

72% - Elderflowers help people with advanced dementia experience joy

75% - Elderflowers help people with advanced dementia communicate their experiences, needs and preferences

81% - Elderflowers help stimulate the senses of people with dementia

Source: Hearts & Minds Strategic Programme Review 2014-17

How we help

  • Working closely with care staff, we tap into the lives of the people we work with, bringing back happy moments and reawakening positive associations
  • We provide in-house training for carers and staff in residential care homes and dementia units, helping them to build on their own specialist skills
  • Bringing our caring Elderflower methods into domestic settings allows to help carers who look after ladies and gentlemen living with dementia at home

"That was really brilliant with that lady, she is in such a good mood now. She never reacts like that."

Staff Nurse, Findlay House, Edinburgh

"It's great seeing what you do and how well everyone responds to you. The ladies and gentlemen all get a lot from it. You do a great job."

Male Nurse, Melburn Lodge, Borders General Hospital

"That's the first time we've seen her respond to anything."

Staff member, Canaan Ward, Royal Edinburgh Hospital

"You don't realise what you do for us, for people - you make a real difference, turn us back to ourselves, so important. I'll cry when you go!"

Lady 70s, who was in her bed for a week but got up to be with the Elderflowers at Findlay House, Edinburgh

"I have observed the Elderflowers on many occasions and have always found joy, comfort and entertainment follows them wherever they go. I have seen a real change for the better for many patients as they get attention in a non-stressful way, and engagement from some who are often isolated and unmotivated. They are funny, kind and warm people, and I believe they make a difference to patients' lives on a daily basis. The smiles they receive tell all."

Occupational Therapy Student, Findlay House, Edinburgh

"I haven't laughed this much for ages."

Gentleman, 84, Murray Royal Hospital, Perth

"You do amazing work, you really bring out the best in people. We are so privileged to have you here."

Wife of gentleman, New Craigs Hospital, Inverness

"It's so lovely to see her sing, it's really good for her."

Doctor, Cauldshiels, Borders