The Bahookie song

The Clowndoctors recently visited a very unwell 6 year-old boy. In his room he was propped up against pillows in his bed by the window. We came up the stairs playing some music and blowing bubbles. As we tried to enter his room, Dr Squeegie bumped into the door, very gently. He giggled. It is amazing that no matter how ill a child is, the urge and joy to play is the most powerful thing.

Our visit with him was gentle, sweet and funny and he was engaged with us throughout even when he occasionally cried out in pain or discomfort. He loved our ‘Bahookie’ song and dance and joined in with the ‘thumbs down’ action. His motor skills are very affected, but he managed everything in his own time, which was fab and very rewarding.

We ended our visit playing a magic game using red balls and although he was getting tired he wanted to keep playing. After almost an hour, his mum said in a lovely way that it had been great fun but he was tired so we said goodbye and left him smiling. It seemed to be a very precious visit for Joshua and his mum…and for us.