Magic Ice Cream!

Recently at one of the hospitals the Clowndoctors visit they came across an 8 year old girl having some vanilla ice cream after an operation. When they arrived she didn’t want to speak because she was enjoying her ice cream so much so they began trying to guess the flavour of her ice cream, going through all the real ones and some very daft flavours.

She began by gently shaking her head, but the more ridiculous their guesses became, the harder she shook her head and the more she physically began to sit up. One of the nurses who had joined in the game suggested they could have some ice cream if they guessed the right flavour and said a BIG please. The wee girl said they should sing the ‘Ice Cream Song’ to the nurse and then they could get some. They got strawberry and vanilla!

The girl had had an operation that morning and the play with the Clowndoctors had allowed her to be distracted from her shyness, pain and anxieties. This is one of our main aims in therapeutic clowning.