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Host a Summer Social

Everyone loves a Summer party! Why not host a Summer Social and invite along friends, family or colleagues, and you can help raise money for our work to continue in care homes and hospitals in locations across Scotland.

It’s really simple – pick a date, invite some friends and then eat, drink laugh and have fun!

Ask your guests to donate an amount of money towards helping the Elderflowers, and please remember to ask them to fill in the Gift Aid Form – we can then claim an extra 25% on what they have generously donated. All money raised will go directly to the Elderflowers Programme.

Elderflowers come into bloom from June through to August and we think this is the perfect time to hold a Summer Social. It could be in your garden, on the beach, in a park, a community hall or wherever you fancy!

Click here to download our leaflet about organising a Summer Social and there are posters, invites and recipe ideas for you to share below. Please call us on 0131 229 4037 / email fundraising@heartsminds.org.uk for friendly advice and support in organising your own event.

Find out more about our Elderflowers Programme and to meet the Elderflowers

Honey and Summer Elderflower love getting together for a catch up and a wee glass of something chilled or a cuppa!

Summer is always a great time to get together with friends and family. The Elderflowers work as a family and help ladies and gentlemen living with dementia remember times they spent with family and loved ones. Hosting a Summer Social is a wonderful way to celebrate and support the Elderflowers who help people remember joyful moments

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Share our leaflet             Share recipes & Ideas                       Send an invite to your friend

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Print a poster to spread the word and please don’t forget to ask your friends to give their details for Gift Aid