Give in Celebration

Life is worth celebrating – living and lived!

Hearts & Minds is very grateful to receive donations from people who ask their friends, colleagues and families if they would consider making this alternative gesture in lieu of gifts for special occasions, such as milestone birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

We have also been very touched, and greatly appreciative, when people have thought of us as their charity of choice in memory of someone special.

If you would like to ‘Give in Celebration’, please make a one-off donation via our Donate button or email or call 0131 229 4037 to discuss how best to make your donation.

Thank you for thinking of Hearts & Minds :-)

“The Elderflowers brought huge joy to our wife and mother Ann during her last months with us at Crieff Cottage Hospital where they visited on a regular basis. It was wonderful to hear how she’d respond so positively to the visits and how happy they made her.

One enduring memory will always be an occasion where at the end of one performance she beamed a huge smile, applauded loudly, and said, “that was rapturous”!

As a family, we have nothing but praise and respect for the work The Elderflowers do – so thank you for the music, the laughter, the memories and the joy you all bring to those who need it the most.”

John, Jonathan and Nicholas Day

I hope this helps to bring a little sunshine into a cloudy existence.

Lynn Court and Brian Hunter in memory of their mum Jean Hunter.

“When we got married, we asked our guests to make a charity donation instead of buying a wedding present. We decided to support Hearts and Minds because one of our friends ('Dr Sprout') had worked as a Clowndoctor for a number of years. We knew from her stories what an incredible job the Clowndoctors and Elderflowers do - they truly make a difference to people's lives.”

Carol and Michael Brown