Trusts and Foundations

A word from a funder – Mairi Mickel of The Mickel Fund

"The Mickel Fund has now been funding the Elderflowers’ programme for the past 4 years. As a small Fund (£100,000 donated annually) we believe in long-term relationships, and understand that the effect of our funding is much better analysed on a cumulative basis over the long term.

I was able to watch the Elderflowers in action at the Dementia ward in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, this was an amazing privilege both as a funder but also as a human to be reminded of the fragility of our existence. The ability of the Elderflower’s to be truly tuned into the specific needs of each patient on the ward on the day of their visit showed a very finely developed sense of connection and a mastery in creatively delivering an amazing performance experience to those who are often otherwise socially isolated. It’s a joy as a funder to be involved with this charity."

Hearts & Minds is very grateful to all the charitable trusts and foundations, which support our work, these include:

AEB Charitable Trust, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, The Crerar Trust, Gannochy Trust, The Nancie Massey Charitable Trust, Queensberry House Trust, Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity, The Corra Foundation, The Mickel Fund, The Wessex Youth Trust, R S Macdonald Charitable Trust, The Robertson Trust, Radio Forth Cash for Kids, Royal Caledonian Charities Trust, Erskine Cunningham Hill Trust, Trefoil House, The Misses Barrie Charitable Trust & St James's Place Charitable Foundation.

We are also very grateful for the support from Falkirk Council and West Lothian Council.