The Clowndoctors celebrate National Braille Week

Royal Blind School and Clowdoctors

This week is National Braille Week (8 – 13 October) and we are celebrating our Clowndoctor in the Classroom programme of work with the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh.

The Clowndoctors have visited the Royal Blind School for the last eight years and have developed a special working relationship with the staff and a great bond with the pupils. The Clowndoctors help in the classrooms using therapeutic clowning to reduce stress and anxiety and they encourage movement and communication through creative interaction and play. They even help in the hydro pool!

Please read some of the comments from the staff at the Royal Blind School about the Clowndoctor’s visits:

‘Their intensive interaction skills are superb. They always remember from one visit to the next, the individual likes and dislikes, the movements, the noises that ‘work’ with the pupils’

‘They have picked up and use some Canaan Barrie on-body signing’

“Really, really beneficial to those with extremely complex needs”

They meet with the class teachers before and after every visit to find out about ‘where the individual pupils are at’ on that particular day. Also they liaise regularly for updates; review profiles and priorities for learning; themes that they can adopt or reinforce; specific aspects or problems that need to be addressed and find out how and where they can help.

and from the pupils:

‘When are the Clowndoctors coming back because I miss them and I want to see them again?’

‘I like the rude farty noises. I had great fun with them and I was allowed to make rude farty noises. Usually I’m not allowed to make those noises in school’

Needless to say there is a lot of laughter when the Clowndoctors are around and that is important as it relaxes the young person and the staff are given ideas of how to engage through music and interaction while always keeping in line with the Curriculum for Excellence.

Please watch our short video of the Clowndoctors at Royal Blind School