The Elderflowers brighten up a lady’s day

During a visit to Borders General Hospital the Elderflowers went to visit a lady who can sometimes be very vocal and is usually in her room. Blossom and Honey asked permission to come in and she said yes straight away and seemed very pleased to see them. They said her room was beautiful and that she made them feel very welcome. Honey was feeling very dramatic and wanted to act out a story which the lady enjoyed very much making comments on their acting style and how perhaps Blossom was hamming it up a little.

She appeared delighted with the movement and the drama and she was encouraging Honey to be bigger and louder and she smiled a lot at how over the top they were being. When they finished she said Blossom & Honey were welcome any time and not to forget to come and see her.

The Elderflowers were really pleased with how engaged the lady was and that there had been great energy and interaction and that she was looking forward to seeing them again.