The Power of Music

Two of our Elderflowers, Spud and Dippsy, recently had visit with a lady in her 70s whom we have known for some time. Sometimes she is not too interested in a visit, but on this day she was really pleased to see them. In fact, she did not want them to leave!

She has a wonderful, dry sense of humour, which really came out when Spud had put on Dippsy’s numerous scarves and hats from her suitcase. Dippsy asked her what she thought of Spud and she gave her verdict on his appearance, “Yes……and no!”

The game continued with Spud taking off one item at a time until he was once again just ordinary Spud. She gave a definite “Yes” when Spud was back to his old self. During the visit Spud and Dippsy sang and danced lots of songs from different eras that she loved and joined in. This lovely lady knew every single one! The music had brought out a real glimpse into the personality of this wonderful seventy-year old.

The Elderflowers use music, song and stories to bring back memories of a time that may have slipped away from the ladies and gents living with dementia. The Elderflowers make valuable, personal connections and create moments of wellbeing and joy.