We help vulnerable people overcome feelings of powerlessness, anxiety and isolation through the art of therapeutic clowning

No big shoes. No curly wigs. No painted faces. Just a small red nose and a heart full of kindness...


Special Stories

21st January 2019
Clowndoctors with pupil

Rhythm and song in the classroom

The Clowndoctors have specialist training to work with children with severe learning disabilities. They use techniques such as intensive interaction to ‘learn the language’ of each […]
21st January 2019
Clowndoctors in hospital

Laughter is a healer

The Clowndoctors make children laugh. Laughter physically relaxes us and reduces stress.  Research has shown that humour helps us to cope with pain, stress and adversity. […]
14th August 2018
Clowndoctors with patient

“I want to be one of you”

Ruridh* is a 7 year old boy who contracted a brain infection whilst being treated for the flu. When the clowndoctors met him, he was using […]
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