We help vulnerable people overcome feelings of powerlessness, anxiety and isolation through the art of therapeutic clowning

No big shoes. No curly wigs. No painted faces. Just a small red nose and a heart full of kindness...


Special Stories

4th December 2018

Clarinets, maracas and music.

On a recent visit to Royal Edinburgh Hospital our Elderflowers saw a gentleman who is usually quite quiet. Here’s their story: “The gentleman knows us and […]
21st September 2018

A family get-together for Doris

In her 70s, and in the early stages of dementia, Doris gets confused and angry and is particularly fixated on going home to see her family. […]
31st May 2018

The Elderflowers brighten up a lady’s day

During a visit to Borders General Hospital the Elderflowers went to visit a lady who can sometimes be very vocal and is usually in her room. […]
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